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March 29, 2005


Dr. Robert N. Cleaves

The following is my e-mail message to the Governor regarding merit based pay for schoolteachers and for pension reform:

I spent two days asking my friends to sign your petitions for merit based pay for school teachers and for pension reform. I collected 40 signatures. Now I learn that you are backing off from your pension reform petition and will be backing off on merit based pay for school teachers.

I guarantee you that you will not receive my vote in the future nor the votes of my friends if you do not stand up and fight for what you have started. I would rather fight and lose than cave in to these bastards in the unions and legislature.

If you are the governor of the people then act like it. Be a man and not a "girlyman."

Last, you also better not back down on how political districts are to be drawn. That would be the last straw.

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